Family Participation

*The week we receive your registration form, you will get an email invitation to SignUpGenius. Required Family Participation jobs are listed on SignUpGenius. In order to get your preferred job, you’ll need to sign up quickly!

Weekly Jobs

MAD Moms: MAD moms (or dads) are those who assist the teacher when needed with making copies, making sure everyone signs in their practice minutes, helping with discipline, totaling practice minutes before concerts, handing out practice awards before each concert, making sure that everyone in class is on the roll (and their name is spelled correctly!), if someone is missing for 2 weeks, they call to see if there is a problem we can help with/pray for, and more….  They do Make A Difference and they pay More Attention to Detail! (get it?)  Need 1 each for each class.

Information Desk Volunteers will be responsible to work the desk each week. They will answer questions, take in payments, give directions, sort music, give out photos, t-shirts, and more. They will help troubleshoot as necessary. This is a very important job. Need 2 for each hour.

Lost and Found Volunteers are responsible to go through all rooms at the end of the day collecting any leftover items, putting them in the Lost and Found tub and taking this to the trailer. These found items need to be listed on the Yahoo forum. Instruments found need to be turned into Susan so she can get them to the students who left them. Need 2

Fish Moms: A FISH mom–or even a FISH dad–is a person who volunteers time to listen to beginner and intermediate students as they pass off the assigned music selections for their books (as well as scales). A FISH mom or dad needs to have music experience (reading music, knows rhythms, good tone quality, etc–preferably someone with a music background with an instrument) and must be committed to being at Joyful Noise at the assigned time to listen to the students play and also assist them with any difficulty they may encounter in playing their music. Fish moms and dads can really make a BIG difference in the way the beginner and intermediate students play as a whole because the “kinks” get worked out on an individual level. The kids feel more successful and better prepared, and Joyful Noise gets the benefit. The best benefit of being a FISH mom or dad is that you get to mentor students, teach them the things you know about being a good musician–and  you have a great opportunity to help encourage excellence in the Joyful Noise program. Volunteers are needed to listen to the students before class so that students do not miss valuable class time for testing. We will make every effort to place students with volunteers who play the same instrument. A schedule will be made for this volunteer position so that helpers can be rotated. We need moms and dads to fill these spots in early September, the job will last all year long. Need 10-14, some for band testing and some for orchestra testing

Joyful Noise Safety Team is composed of three groups and are assigned an hour each week to supervise their particular area. A safety vest will be provided for you, so that others know your “professional standing.”  Need 4 for each job, 1 for each hour

  • Playground Volunteers would be sending students away that do not have a parent to supervise them or are over the age of 11. You would question an adult without a child as to why they're there (unless they're chatting with a friend.) In case of an emergency, you would take charge of an injured child's siblings while the parent deals with the injury. You are the second line of defense. Just another set of eyes.

  • Hallway Volunteers would be patrolling the Family Waiting Area and hallways to correct students that are running, too loud, etc. Sort of an adult safety patrol officer. It’s also quite important that we have no unattended students, of any age, in classrooms without supervision. Standing in one particular place is not enough. You must walk the halls. Report to the Information Desk students found in non-compliance.

  • Parking Volunteers will assure that cars are not parking around the office area of the church. All JN cars must be in the large parking lot to the right of the building. All cars must be in spaces. Tickets will be available for you to give out.

Substitutes will be available for their hour slot to substitute for MAD Moms, Safety positions, or Vacuuming at end of day… or any other job that needs filled at that particular time.  You will be a lifesaver to a parent with a sick child that just can’t make it.  Need 2 for each time slot.

Piano Accompaniment is needed from time to time, or in some cases, each week in certain classes. You should be able to play piano well enough to accompany the group. Need 1 for each class, as noted.



Concert Coordinator  will arrange for Concert set-up and clean-up. Set-up involves setting up chairs for largest group to perform.  Clean-up involves arranging chairs as they were, walking aisles to collect lost items and programs, and checking bathrooms and lobby for Joyful Noise items so we don’t interfere with the ministry of the host church.  Write Thank you notes to location, Chic-fil-a, and any others necessary, in behalf of Joyful Noise.  Need 1 to sign up for the year to handle both Fall and Spring concerts for Band and Orchestra.

Program Coordinators will prepare concert programs. This requires good word processing skills and great attention to details. Please be prepared to make copies and have programs ready to be distributed at both Fall and Spring Concerts. You will be reimbursed for copying costs.  Need 1 for each concert,  (Band/Jazz/Ensembles, and Orchestra/Chorus/Guitar.)

Bandtastic, Stringsational, and Amaz'Sing Chair and Committee will assist in registration, ordering t-shirts and lunches, arranging directors and student assistants, assist with snack purchase, student check in, name tag production, program production and all other details involved in producing the festival event.  Need 5 volunteers to work with chair.

Critical Jobs

MAD Mom Coordinator will oversee the room moms. This volunteer will be responsible for updating rosters and having new forms as needed, as well as overseeing MAD Mom volunteers. Please make sure that the list turned in to program makers and prize parents is accurate. Need 1

Music Maestro will oversee both copies and music maintenance committees.  Need 1 Brilliant person!

Practice Prize Volunteer will assure that all fall practice prizes are tagged, bagged, and delivered to classes to be handed out on the day of the concert. You will also label and laminate end of year practice prizes and assure they are handed out.  You will get Chic-Fil-A coupons for each student getting a practice award at the end of both semesters of band.  Need 2

FISH Mom Coordinator will schedule and oversee the FISH Moms and Dads. You’ll set goals, evaluate performance, and work with the directors to achieve the goal.  Need 2 each, for Band and Orchestra Instruments

Pit Crew Volunteers will unload or load all large instruments in the band trailer. The early crew of 3 will unload, and the put up team will have specific jobs as noted on Signup Genius.

Clean up crew will be composed of three different groups.

  • Family Room will wipe tables and sweep floors in the Family Waiting Area.

  • Bathroom Crew will mop the bathrooms, re-fill the toilet paper and wipe down sinks to make sure that there ready for Sunday. Trash will need to be emptied.

  • Vacuum Crew will arrange chairs back to Sunday arrangement and vacuum rooms and hallways. Specific jobs are noted on SignupGenius.

One-Time Jobs

Auditions will be before Joyful Noise begins. This job is by invitation only, but may count as your volunteer time for the year.

Uniform Coordinator is responsible for publicizing the need, measuring, collecting money, and distribution of items. You will need to be available on Audition day as well as the second day of Joyful Noise for orders. You will also be responsible for the distribution of those items the next week. Attention to detail is critical. Need 2

Spirit Coordinator will take orders for Band t-shirts, car magnets, etc… Order them, and then facilitate delivery to band families. Need 1

Group Photo Coordinators will assist photographers during the day, and facilitate delivery photos to families and troubleshoot any problems afterward. You will work both the individual photo day as well as the group photo day. Need 3


Music Maintenance collects music after concerts, and puts it into score order and assists in filing the music. Please assure that you are available to work the Friday after Thanksgiving and the Friday after our last concert in May to file music.  Do not sign up unless you can work those 2 days. Need 4

Music Copies job involves stamping new music, as needed, and making  enough copies for each student in the class. You will be reimbursed for your copying costs, just save your receipt.  This requires attention to detail and high quality standards.  Need 1 to 4 for specific classes, as noted.

Ongoing Jobs

Website Coordinator works with Program Director to keep Band Web site up to date (roster, schedules and calendars, photo gallery, committees, etc.); any available graphics, and Web links.

Yearbook Advisor will assist with putting together the yearbook with the yearbook team.  You will become familiar with the yearbook program so that you can help instruct others in how to use it.  You will assure that photos are being taken, and that the book is on time.  Need 1 detail oriented volunteer.

Yearbook Team will assist with putting together the yearbook with the yearbook advisor.  You will become familiar with the yearbook program so that you can help instruct others in how to use it.  You will assure that photos are being taken, and that the book is on time.  Need 2 detail oriented volunteers.