Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is a great learning opportunity, outside of concert band, for all of Advanced and Elite level percussionists. During our rehearsal time we will work on performance techniques and gain a basic understanding of all percussion instruments, including a study of timpani tuning, scales, rudiments and sight reading skills. We will focus on learning some challenging, but incredibly fun, ensemble music together. This ensemble will be a great environment to stretch ourselves musically and really sharpen those skills that God has given us. There will be opportunities to perform at Joyful Noise, as well as Solo and Ensemble.

Students will need a music stand and black binder with page protectors. All music will be provided.


Woodwind Ensemble

This class is open to ALL woodwind players in Advanced and Elite Band. We will cover music for the full woodwind ensemble! That means more fun and more of a challenge! There will also be small groups such as trios and quartets. This will allow students to work on small ensemble music that would also be suitable for Solo & Ensemble competition! Woodwind Ensemble allows the student to focus more on intonation, and tone quality, along with the basic rhythms and sight reading skills. When students learn to play in tune and with a better tone quality not only do they sound better individually, but it improves the sound of the whole section, and the entire band! Music will be provided for this class.

Requirements:Students need to bring to class a black binder with page protectors (this may also be their band folder), folding music stand, pencil, tuner and metronome.

Special Ensembles