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Brass and Woodwinds

We need more winds and percussion. If you play a band instrument, we need you. We need Flutes, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones, and more! We currently have two Sousaphones and a Mellophone that can be rented out as well. Playing an instrument in Marching Band will help to improve your musical performance beyond measure. You'll be surprised at how memorizing music and marching really help you develop musically. Not to mention, it's a blast!


We have a great Drumline, and everyone enjoys being a part of it. However, we only have so many drums we can march. We currently have: four marching snares, four marching bass drums, three sets of marching cymbals, and two quints. You may have to audition for placement in the Drumline.
Pit is a part of the Drumline. If you are in the pit, you may be there for the entire halftime show. You would play the more stationary instruments like vibraphone, bells, marimba, etc.

Color Guard

Our amazing Color Guard team consistently scores high in competitions. We do flag changes regularly during the field show. We also have rifles that you can be instructed in. Participating is by audition only and is chosen in the spring. If you can play a band instrument, we may need you to play with the band instead of be a part of Color Guard, but why not audition anyway?

Wind Line, Drum Line, and Color Guard

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