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Orchestra 1

For ages 8 and up


Level 1 Beginning Orchestra is for students (age 8 and up) with little or no musical training on their instrument, or those trained in Suzuki Pre-Twinkle, but not yet reading music fluently. This class is specifically designed for students to learn mastering correct posture, how to follow a conductor, learning to play with other instruments, and beginning note reading. Students will learn at a comfortable and fun pace that is geared to their age and/or attention level. $450

Orchestra 2

Orchestra 2 is available for those students who have played at least one year on their instrument and demonstrate a basic playing proficiency . This class will work on physical and reading skills necessary to play their instruments while continuing to polish techniques such as intonation, posture, bow control, sound, and theory. production and ensemble. $450

Orchestra 3

By audition only.

To audition register for the class, materials will be sent closer to audition dates, please keep in mind and in your scheduling it is possible for students to be recommended to play in Level 2 another year. Based on audition results. The Joyful Noise Orchestra 3 is our most capable String Orchestra, dedicated to providing opportunities for the more advanced-level performers who have generally played at LEAST 3+ years to increase performance skills and precision on orchestral stringed instruments. Students should be proficient at reading music, and scales. (Starting 2023 an additional pre requisite for this class will be Music Theory. This does not apply to students already in this level) $450

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