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Guitar classes are offered at several times during the day. Guitar is such a fabulous instrument to play. Our classes are designed to give you the tools to do so. You will learn the fret board, memorize a variety of different scales, and train your fingers to quickly move from one chord to another. Along the way, you’ll learn some musical pieces to play as a group, and work on individual pieces, too. Your success is determined by your diligence and determination. 

Guitar 1

This class is an introduction to the guitar. More experienced students can take it, but it is really geared toward true beginners. The first semester focuses on learning how to play single note melodies using guitar tablature and basic music notation. Second semester will be focused on learning well-known pop and rock songs using chords. By the time the 2nd semester ends, students will have learned 6-8 songs using tablature and chord charts. They will continue to expand their knowledge of music notation 2nd semester as well.  $450

Guitar 2

This class is a continuation of Guitar I and has a focus on ensemble playing. These students will spend a majority of the time learning guitar ensemble music while learning the basics of classical guitar technique. In addition to ensemble playing, students will also be expanding their repertoire of rock and pop songs and the various techniques used in those genres of music.  $450

Guitar Ensemble

Limited enrollment. This class is for experienced players who have played a minimum of 3 years. This class will work with advanced Technique and song.  $450

Guitar Classes

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