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This class teaches and works on all things Color Guard. Students will learn flag spins, how to work with the rifles and sabers, Dance Techniques, and more. They will learn a routine for a recital. This class will make students eligible for Marching Band and Winter Guard in the following year if the student is currently too young. This is for all levels of Color Guard experience. Color Guard class members are also invited to march in the Woodstock Parade of Lights, The East Cobber Parade, and The Big Shanty Parade - a warm-up suit must be purchased to be in 2 of the 3 parades. Parades are OPTIONAL but lots of fun!! Color Guard class students are also invited to join the marching band in the stands at all football games whenever they would like. Warm-up suit is not required for the stands and poms-poms will be provided! $350

Winter Guard

Please contact Monique McCord 678-886-8059 to learn more about the Winter Color Guard class. $700


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