Although our bands are taught by paid professionals, our organization is run by all our homeschooling parents.  There are many things outside directing a band that must be accomplished in order to make Joyful Noise Homeschool Band a success.  As with many  organizations, the principle of “many hands make light work” applies.  Therefore, you will notice a place on the registration form to note your intention to participate in some capacity during the year, or to opt out by paying the non-participation fee.

Please do not be put off by the sound of this requirement.  Many needs are easily accomplished right at the church during class time and will not take any more time away from your family or homeschooling program.

The registration link is on the homepage at the bottom. This year our registration is done through Jackrabbit Classes. You will be able to manage all your students, classes and payments in one place. 

To register for Joyful Noise programs, please note the following: 

  • Note: Once registered, you will receive invitations to join the Joyful Noise Slack group and SignUpGenius.

  • On the Yahoo group, you’ll get daily updated information. Please join this immediately, as the invitation will expire and you will miss lots of important information.

  • Required Family Participation jobs are listed on SignUpGenius. In order to get your preferred job, you’ll need to sign up quickly. You'll receive your invitation, upon your paid registration.

Things you need to know about before you register this year:

  • Register for the class you HOPE to take next year, after auditions, you will be placed in the appropriate class for your skill level. We understand that this might mean your schedule might change. Practicing through the summer is the best way to assure that you make the class you want.

  • JOYFUL NOISE begins on September 11. Auditions are on August 21.  Concert Uniforms are ordered on August 21 or September 18. Photos are taken on October 9 and 16. Fall concerts are on November 6 and 13. We begin again on January 8. Bandtastic, Stringsational and Amaz’Sing date TBA. No class on April 2 due to Good Friday. Spring concerts are on May 7 and 14.

Please see below for your class time:

Younger Student Classes:

  • Itty Bitty Noisemakers 11:30-12  Ages 1 and 2 

  • Joyful Noisemakers 3,4 and 5 years 11-12 or 12-1.

  • Beginner Recorder 11:30-12:00 Ages 6+ 

  • Intermediate Recorder 12:00-12:30 

  • Ukulele 1  1-2 

  • Ukulele 2  2-3

Core Classes: Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Guitar:

  • High School Chorus 11-12

  • Middle School Chorus 12-1

  • Children’s Chorus 1-2  Elementary aged students

  • Beginner Orchestra 2-3

  • Intermediate Orchestra 1-2

  • Advanced Orchestra 12-1

  • Chamber/Symphony Orchestra 11-12

  • Guitar-Beginner 12-1 

  • Guitar Intermediate 1-2 

  • Guitar Advanced 2-3 

  • Beginner Band 1-2

  • Intermediate Band 2-3

  • Advanced Band 1-2

  • Elite Band 12-1

Tier 2 classes, require registration in a core class as well:

  • Woodwind Ensemble 2-3

  • Percussion Ensemble 2-3

  • Beginning Music Theory 12-12:30

  • Intermediate Music Theory 12:30-1

  • Advanced Music Theory 1 -1:30

Click to Download the 2020 Registration Form

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