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We are so glad you have decided to join Joyful Noise!! We hope your experience in our community will fill your heart with music and praise to the God we serve.

As a new member, you may be a bit overwhelmed at all the information available here. This page serves as a directory of sorts where you can find the information you need and/or the people that can help you find the answers to any questions you may have.

Five things you need to remember:

  • Come each week!  If you miss a class, you miss a lot!

  • Come on time!  When you're late, you disturb the flow of learning.

  • Practice, practice, practice!  Monitor your student's practice times, and make sure they get to their pass-offs, if required.

  • You are responsible for your children.  Please know where they are at all times.

  • Sign up for a Participation Job as soon as you are invited.

For any questions about the program please contact us here.

Also, for questions about  Bandtastic, Stringsational, or Amaz'Sing, please contact us here.

Thank you for your time, and again, welcome to Joyful Noise!

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