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Itty Bitty Noisemakers

One and Two Year Olds

This Mommy and Me class for our youngest students encourages joy in music.  They go from observing their parent's participation, to participating themselves as the year progresses and they develop.  Singing, dancing, finger plays, parachutes, tunnels, are some of the tools we use to encourage social and musical development in these precious students. These early years are full of developmental opportunities, and this class will contribute greatly towards your child's development.

Joyful Noisemakers

Three, Four and Five Year Olds

“Joyful Noisemakers” is our music and movement preschool program for our youngest joyful music makers – age 3-5 years old. We use a comprehensive approach to musical learning that develops singing, movement, and listening skills simultaneously with an introduction to musical styles and concepts. The children will have a positive “hands on” experience using a variety of rhythm instruments and “Boom Whackers” as they create their own music. Our goal is to nurture the children’s love for the gift of music and to equip them with beginning music theory skills that will enable them to explore their own unique musical gifts with confidence!

Joyful Noisemakers