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Letter Awards and more

Marching Saints Band Awards are given to those students excelling in the program. Points are awarded for attendance at band camp, practices, football games, festivals and parades, plus music (or routine) memorization, fund raising, and leadership. Points are deducted for late arrivals, poor behavior and missing equipment. The Assistant Band Director keeps track of all points.

How Points are Awarded or Deducted

Specifically, 1 point is awarded for leadership positions, 10 for each week of band camp, 2 for band set up and break down each week of band camp, up to 5 points for memorization of music or routine by the time the director assigns, 1 point for each Friday rehearsal, 3 points for each football game, parade or festival, 1 point for the car wash fund raiser. Points can be deducted for arriving late at any event unexcused, missing any part of your uniform or equipment, and poor or disrespectful behavior as deemed by the directors.

All possible points for the year are added up and put on a 100 point scale. Students earning a 90% or higher will earn an award. Thus, students earning an "A" in band will earn a letter or bar, if eligible. All students may letter or bar, if they earn the required points at the high school level.

"Make-Up Points"

Students are not penalized for an excused absence (illness or death in the family), however they will not be awarded points for events they have missed. Each point must be earned. In the event of an excused absence, the student will be given a work opportunity to earn points to replace those lost during the season. One date will be set and the chore given. Students must make every effort to achieve the work points at the set time and date, alternative opportunities will not be given. Examples of work opportunities include filing and organizing band music, cleaning marching equipment or cleaning out the band room. Unexcused absences do not merit the opportunity to earn 'make-up' points.

Silver Awards

Silver Awards are given to Middle school students who earned an 'A' in Marching Band. Points earned as a middle school student are not applicable for a letter as a 9th grader.

Letter Awards

Letter Awards are given to students in the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades who earn an 'A' in Marching Band. Students having already earned a letter are awarded a Bar for subsequent years.

Students who have 'graduated' but are still working on high school work and are participating in the Marching Saints remain eligible for all awards just like all others.

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