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The Worship Band class will teach students how to effectively work, play, and communicate with a band. Many musicians quickly learn that playing with a band is much different than playing as a solo artist.


In this class we will learn how each individual part works within the band. Students will learn how to play and improv with a group. They must also have a basic knowledge of chords, chord charts, and rhythms.

During the semester, the students will learn how to play well-known worship songs (Chris Tomlin, Passion, Hillsong, etc.) as a team.


Note: Students are required to audition before admittance into the class. Please check the Important Dates page for date of audition.


Instruments needed for the class are below:  Other instruments may be added upon the instructor's descretion.

  • Drums

  • Bass guitar

  • Lead Electric guitar

  • Rhythm Electric guitar

  • Acoustic guitar

  • Keys

  • Lead vocals

  • Backup vocals


Must be able to read chord charts. Have basic understanding of music theory and how scales work. Does NOT have to have experience in a band but would help.

  • Open Chords:

  • G Maj

  • C Maj/ Cadd9

  • Em/ Em7

  • Am

  • D Maj


  • G Major Scale

  • C Major Scale

Worship Arts Band

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